Friday, September 30, 2011

Back home!

Since the launch of GRAIL I haven't had that much time to play games.  I have been home in Colorado now for a week.  There are lots of changes to work through now, with a new job, new boss, new co-workers...  I am happy to finally be home.  Now will be the time to get back into a routine again and get used to life as usual. 

Just a brief note on games...  I have been playing Borderlands with my girlfriend, and I have been working on a post to cover what has been accomplished so far in it.  I am still sitting at the vampire in the graveyard in Pool of Radiance, unable to push past.  I will revisit it this weekend and try a few new strategies.  I have also been spending a little time playing the second expansion of Medal of Honor called Breakthrough.  I will make a post about it as well very soon.

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