Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Post

This is the first post of maybe a long journal of my quest to try and complete the backlog of games I have laying around.  If you click the link at the top, it'll link you to a great site for keeping track of what games you have, as well as stats on what you have completed or not.  As you can see, I have WAY too many. 

Also, this may become a place to keep track of my real life exploits as well. 

I'm currently away in Cape Canaveral, FL on business.  I'll be down here for the next 3 or 4 months and need something to do to pass time.  I'm away from my girlfriend of 5 years now, and the rest of my family.  Its good to be away though and doing something I enjoy. 

Atlantis on the pad.

I got the chance to go out to Kennedy Space Center the other day and get a few photos with Atlantis on the pad.  Probably the closest I can ever get without working or flying the shuttle.  Especially with this one being the last flight of the program.  It felt really good to see this 'history in the making'.

Here are a couple more pictures...

Forgive the dates on the pictures...  June 17 is correct, though 2021 is a little off... I was too lazy to try and figure out how to change the date on the camera, and was only allowed a short time to take these pictures. 

I have more pictures, and a video I posted of Endeavour's launch last month (May). 
Here is the link to the video I posted on YouTube the day of the launch.

There are more videos, though I have to find a way to get them in a digital format.  Hopefully there will be more in July with the launch of Atlantis.

Well, hopefully more comments and pictures will come in the following days as I start to work on games, and take pictures of all the cool space stuff I get to be around.

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